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  1. Strong power: With 72V 8000W high power motor, it can provide excellent power output, bring excellent acceleration performance and off-road experience.
  2. High capacity battery: Equipped with 72V 40Ah LG battery, it has excellent endurance, and can travel up to 135 kilometers (30km/h speed) on a single charge, providing users with lasting driving pleasure.
  3. Comfortable suspension: Full shock absorber design, providing excellent shock absorption effect, can provide stable and comfortable driving experience on rugged off-road roads.
  4. Strong torque: With a torque output of up to 305N.M, it provides excellent climbing ability and acceleration performance for the motorcycle.
  5. Stable braking: Equipped with hydraulic disc brake system, providing excellent braking performance and stability to ensure driving safety.
  6. Strong frame: The use of Ne 7116 aluminum alloy frame, with excellent strength and durability, to ensure safe and stable driving performance.
  7. Large size wheels: front wheel 70/100-19; Rear wheels 80/100-17, with high-performance off-road tires, adapt to a variety of road conditions, providing excellent grip and handling.
  8. Strong performance: The top speed can reach 100km/h, suitable for a variety of off-road scenarios, to meet the user's pursuit of speed and passion.
  9. Large load: the maximum load of 150KG, suitable for riders of different weights, with good practicability.
  10. Exquisite appearance: exquisite design, atmospheric appearance, body size of 1881mm*770mm*1140mm, showing the fashion sense and personality charm of modern motorcycles.
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